I empower young women to move into action.

Take this opportunity for your daughter to consider the future they see for themselves, and to create actionable steps to get them there. Working together we can help your child thrive and develop positive life skills.

Paper Tiger Mentoring offers a ten session, one-on-one course that covers 32 concepts which serve to help girls ages 13 -25 feel less stressed, more motivated, and more confident about the future. This program is your child’s chance to engage in self-discovery and move beyond perceived obstacles and inertia.

How I can help

Mentoring sessions can be either in-person, over the phone, or via video conference and will be scheduled over a period of 4 months. After each session, I will follow up with a short email to parents describing our session notes and topics discussed so we can have open communication throughout the entire process. After the ten sessions are complete, I offer 3 check-ins for your child to use at anytime for the rest of the year.

This program will help your daughter achieve: 


Our personalities are a bundle of thoughts, beliefs and actions. But we are not our personalities alone. I will help your child manage their natural strengths and weaknesses by breaking habits they no longer want and replacing them with positive ones. Your child will learn what helps and hinders their personal growth, and how others see the world. 

Greater Motivation

I work to get your child moving into action. Much of the magic of doing that comes from helping them to consider why they are doing something, and then encouraging them to use that distinct kind of motivation to move them forward. Harnessing motivation can be challenging, but it is a key skill young people need to lead an effective life as an adult.

Higher Grades

As an educator and former teacher, I believe there is a recipe for academic success. Using your child's learning and thinking styles while studying and taking notes, effectively using a planner, and talking to their teachers are the components. I will work with your child to hone these abilities, habits and skills. 

Leadership Skills

Identifying a passion and nurturing it is a big part of stepping up as a leader. With so many career options available, your child’s ability to become an effective and fulfilled adult relies on knowing themselves and how they best fit into the world. 


The point is not to make your child perfect. Instead, it’s about teaching them to ride their successes and recover from mistakes. The more they can learn to recover from setbacks quickly and build personal grit and resilience, the better off they will be. 

Enriched Relationships

Powerful relationships are central to living a fulfilling life. I help your child consider how their actions are impacting people around them and then enable them to move into action to repair, maintain, and build the relationships they choose to improve.

Organizational Skills

By creating systems, your child will learn to place structure around things they need to keep organized such as calendar items, academic assignments, and other personal obligations. The system will be sustainable and tailored specifically for each child. 

Less Stress and Anxiety

Being a full time student while pursuing extra-curricular interests and activities can be overwhelming. Once I work one-on-one with your child, stress and anxiety are quickly replaced with the confidence to succeed. 


It is important for your child to take responsibility for their relationships. Empathy empowers them to take leadership in those relationships. They learn the two levels of communication and examine how they can more powerfully communicate with people in their lives. 

Featured Testimonial

Working with Lisa has been a renewing step for me. As a woman in my 30s with a busy growing family, it’s been refreshing to step back and reflect on the questions Lisa put forward. Being curious about how I approach aspects of my life, and imagining how things might look if I approached them in a different way. Keeping in mind that I can only control what I say and do. Living more intentionally as opposed to letting my life just happen to me. This mentoring is in no way just for young teenagers – it has had immense value for me in this life stage as well.
— Marisa, former client

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